Customer Testimonials

In today's market, most products can easily be obtained at a competitive price with the touch of a button.  Service and advice you can trust, now that's not so easily found.  With the field experience and safety knowledge of the company's veteran owner, Kurent Safety is not only able to provide competitive pricing, they also provide award winning service and sound advice in a very timely manner.

Shelley Sutton (CSHO), Director of Safety

Kurent Safety provides excellent, informed customer service that has a personal touch of altruistic caring for the wellbeing of all people.  It is a refreshing approach that really creates a family-like bond between their friendly staff and customers.

William Eiseman III, Safety Engineer

In the overhead electrical industry, we face challenges unlike other industries as our work locations can change by the hour.  When we need something, we need it now.  As we've worked on projects across the country, I find myself always coming back to Kurent Safety because they care about us and go above and beyond to service our needs.  They consistently exceed my expectations of customer service, product availability and fair pricing.  I highly recommend Kurent Safety to anyone looking for exceptional service and a values-based business partner.

Warren Jackson (STSC, CUSP), Director of Environmental Health & Safety